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The Best Toys That Boost Development

*This post contains affiliate links. That means, if you purchase something by clicking a link, I get a small commission at NO extra cost to you.*

Before I had Harrison, I did not want my house cluttered with toys. I wanted a few toys and that was it. After Harrison came along and I realized he needed and still does need a little extra motivation to do certain things, my mind was quickly changed. I began a vigorous search for the best toys to boost development. Does it make sound? Does it light up? Are the colors bright enough?
Now that I’ve narrowed down the best toys to boost my kids' development physically and mentally, I’ve gotten rid of a lot of toys to fulfill my original vision. Harrison likes to throw toys, so the more toys I have the more that end up thrown on the ground not played with. While we are still decluttering toys and figuring out what actually challenges them, I’ve come up with a list of toys, besides books and puzzles, he and his brother actually did (and still d…

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