About Me

First and foremost, I am a follower of Christ. I am the wife to the sweetest husband, Vincent, who is  currently an EM resident in Ohio. I am the mom to three beautiful boys, Harrison, Brooks, and William, who also happen to be tiny destroyers.

In Down by the Marsh, you'll discover more about our family's journey in raising a son with Down syndrome and a lymphatic malformation along with raising our typical other two sons. You'll quickly realize that I'm a stay at home momma, that I'm a coffee snob, that I attempt to meal plan each week, that I read for pleasure, that I don't like anyone touching my pillow, that I eavesdrop on conversations when I'm at coffee shops, that I don't have to think hard at all about the icebreaker question of 'what's something no one knows about you', that I get excited and terrified when all three boys are quiet in the house at the same time, and that I fall short of the glory of God every single day yet am justified by His grace.

Enjoy reading of our many adventures!
-Mollie Marsh

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