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It is Well: Reasons we are Thankful our Child with Down Syndrome Came FIRST

There are often times that Vincent and I discuss what our life would be like if Harrison, our son with Down Syndrome, had come last in the birth order of our family instead of first. He would have older siblings to look up to, to mimic after, and, maybe just maybe, they’d help corral him as he gleefully shouts, “Run awayyyy, run awayyy!” and takes off down the street (or in the airport or in our church or at the park or basically anywhere else we go) as fast as his little legs can carry him.
But here’s the truth: Harrison came FIRST in our unique family of five. It’s pointless for us to be envious as we look around at the many other families who have a child with Down syndrome being the middle child or the baby of the family. 
Thus, we have created a list of 5 reasons why we are THANKFUL that Harrison is our firstborn.

1. Our trust in God has grown exponentially. I'm not saying our trust in God wouldn't have grown whether we had a child with Down syndrome or whether we had a typi…

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