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5 Ways You can Help Special Needs Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Being a parent of a special needs child in general can be daunting and overwhelming; community is what often helps us “get through” the more difficult times of parenting and especially parenting a child(ren) with special needs. Insert social distancing, no school, no church services, military domestic travel ban, discouragement to stay away from group activities, and a strong encouragement to stay put at home due to our kids being considered high risk. This sets parents of special needs children back a bit with not being able to interact and get support from community. Special needs parents already face feelings of isolation and loneliness; let’s not let that happen during the COVID-19 Pandemic! 1. Ask what you can grab for them at the store. Honestly, it can be strenuous to go to the store at ANY time for special needs families. Some have to navigate the store with wheelchairs, others have to chase down their bolting child, and more deal with fits and tantrums. F

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