Harrison's Giggle

Did you know that babies with Down Syndrome giggle a little later than typical kids?
Not all giggle later, but, due to low muscle tone (according to Harrison's PT), you may be waiting to hear that adorable sound for a while.

We waited quite some time for Harrison to emit that sweet baby giggle for the first time. And waited... and waited....

Harrison smiled at a fairly early age, and he sure does love to smile! This is quite cliche, but that smile truly lights up my day. Even if he kept us up into the wee hours of the night, when he gives me that big smile in the morning and clasps his hands together, I momentarily forget all about the rough night. To Harrison, it's a new day!

Back to the giggle-- Harrison finally began randomly, and I mean very randomly, giving us a giggle or two around 9 months. When he would giggle, it was rarely repeatable.

However, for the first time, I got him to repeatedly giggle two nights ago!! I don't normally tear up easily, but my eyes were a tad bit misty as I jumped up and down making silly faces at Harrison as he giggled and giggled and giggled.

Of course, as any kid would, he stopped as soon as I had Vincent pull out the camera. I promise to post as soon as we get it on tape :)

Now, I must clarify. The giggle I refer to is that typical baby giggle you think that you can't live without. Harrison does laugh. He does this by giving a big crocodile smile, clasping his hands together, and screaming, "Eeeeeeeeeeee!"

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  1. Hey Molly!

    I just wanted to step in and thank you for writing these blog posts. I love hearing about Harrison's progress and praying for you and Vincent.

    My wife's day-job is doing ABA therapy and physical therapy for two little preemie babies. One of them has cp, and the other has a few other disabilities.

    When she first began working with them, I always admired their parents; how hardworking, loving, and patient that they were.

    Now that I've had the opportunity to help out with the twins a bit, I admire them as well. It's amazing to see a child work so hard in spite of their disabilities, and to watch a family grow and flourish in the midst of hardship.

    I have so much respect for you and Vincent, and for Harrison. You three are in my prayers, and I always look forward to reading these posts.

    Thanks for all you do Molly!

    -David Schirduan

  2. Hi Mollie,

    What an encouragement to read your blog! Thanks for taking time out of your busy day to record these meaningful reflections. You and Vincent are a picture of grace and godly parenting. We thank God for Harrison, and for giving him such wonderful parents. I know sometimes you feel weak, but that's when God shows himself strong, and uses challenges for opportunities of grace, growth, and blessing. I am honored to be your pastor, and I give praise to God for the example you have been to me and to our congregation. ~ Your Pastor, Servant, and Friend, ~ Jon


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