31 for 21 Blog Challenge

Happy Down Syndrome Awareness Month!

Yes, I am fully aware that it has been almost a full year since I last blogged about our sweet Harrison.

Because of this atrocious fact, I will be (attempting) to complete the 31 for 21 Challenge this month! That means I will write 31 blog entries (1 blog a day) for the whole month of October. Maybe this will make up for the fact that I never accomplished my goal of writing one blog entry a month?

Most of these entries will be about how Harrison is doing (health, development, etc.), but there will possibly be entries on how we (Vincent and I) are doing.. you may even get some funny middle school stories that I've experienced as a middle school English teacher! 

If you have any special blog entry requests or questions you are curious about, whether it's about Harrison, my life, Down Syndrome, etc., please comment below or on Facebook. I would be thrilled to answer them/complete the requests since I can already see myself racking my brain for ideas to write about after the first week or so. 

Happy Reading!



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