Your Kid has Freckles....

I am a forgetful person. I always have been. Maybe it's because I try to do so many different things at one time or maybe it's because I don't take the time to write down what needs to be done or maybe I really do remember things but don't feel like doing them at the moment.

Regardless of the reason, I find myself often forgetting that Harrison has an extra chromosome. And, though I need to remember other things like returning library books or writing on this blog, forgetting he has T21 is the neatest thing to forget.

When Harrison was first diagnosed, Down syndrome was all I could think about. What is my child going to miss out on? Will he be able experience the joys of marriage? Will kids make fun of him? Will he develop leukemia or other health issues? Will he be able to talk well?

Now that I am in the midst of raising my sweet son, I've grown to realize that he is just that-my son.

Your kid may have freckles. Mine has an extra chromosome.

Your kid may have blonde hair. It looks like mine will, too!

Your kid holds his head up. So does mine.

It's a joy to forget about DS and simply have fun being a mom. (An exhausted mom, but what mom isn't tired?) Sure, Harrison is starting to have therapy sessions every week now and we have a few extra medical issues to look out for, but he is just like any other kid. In fact, he is right on track on his motor development with all his typically developing peers!

It's funny to think of all the milestones Harrison reaches and how excited we get when he reaches   one. I sometimes wonder how I would react if Harrison didn't have DS. Would I get this excited over  him holding his head up or reaching and grasping toys? Rather than living constantly in the what ifs, I've learned that I have to let go, trust God, and have a blast raising Harrison.


  1. Alicia here! Your blog is truly sweet, eye-opening, encouraging, and full of faith. You always have our prayers and support! :-)


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