What did we do?

It's amazing how much can be accomplished in just 30 minutes. What did we do with our time before a baby?? Vincent and I often look at each other and ask that question.

Last week, we got a lot accomplished during a 2 hour window that Harrison graciously gave to us. The first thing I did, after a 20 minute cleanup, was take a long shower. Vincent was in the other room watching the Panthers game with our antenna. After the shower, I checked on Harrison and quickly yelled for Vincent to come look.

Laying next to our sweet son was our cat, Honey Badger! We nervously laughed, took pictures, and eventually took Honey Badger out of the crib. Thankfully, she wasn't stealing his breath and was just snuggling right next to him as he soundly slept. It was a comical sight since Harrison is still quite a bit smaller than our mixed Maine Coon cat.

Needless to say, we will keep a more careful eye on HB :)

Updates on Harrison:
Harrison is slowly working on gaining weight. He is getting longer and longer everyday, but is still pretty small everywhere else. He nurses quite a bit, especially when I come home from work!
We finally got in to see the plastic surgeon, and learned that Harrison's big lip is extremely rare. The doctor seemed a little excited because of the rarity, and was taking a bunch of pictures. The diagnosis is extra lymphatic tissue. We will have to get an MRI when he is a year old to see which type it is- depending on the type will determine which treatment to do.

Harrison is responding to us with smiles now. It definitely makes my day to wake up and see this-
It's sometimes hard for him to smile with his lip, but that makes his smile extra cute!

We have quite a strong boy! Harrison has been doing great with holding his head up, moving his limbs around, and following objects/our voices. The early interventionist and OT that come to see us a few times a month are very pleased and excited about his strength.

Last week, I returned to work as a multiage (4th-6th grade) teacher. My mom is graciously watching  Harrison each day, and bringing him during lunch so I can feed him. I hate leaving him each day, but I am so grateful for my mom- my mind is at peace knowing Harrison is in GREAT hands. Going back to work wasn't as painful as I thought it would be. The staff at my school is awesome in that they allow Harrison to come during lunch and as soon as school lets out. I was nervous about team teaching this year, but now I LOVE it. My team teacher has taught for over 30 years, so I have learned so much from her already. Team teaching has also made the transition coming back to work a lot easier- we are able to work together which results in getting things done infinitely faster and we can share our ideas which results in a fun learning environment for the kids (and us :) ).

Though I look back and wonder what I really did do with my spare time, I love being a mom! God has shown me what a precious gift it is to be raising Harrison.

Now, off to attempt to put sweet Harrison down to sleep...


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