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The Little "Big" Brother- What I've Had to Learn from the Kid After

Here he is. The little "big" brother. He's the sweet boy that came after the one with the disability. In many families, the child who has the disability is typically the youngest child or the middle child. I hope this doesn't come off as sounding weird, but I often get excited when I meet someone else who has had children after they've had a child with a disability.

This little guy is already proving that he is going to be Harrison's big brother. Yes, Brooks is younger than Harrison. And, yes, Brooks is still a tad bit shorter than Harrison. . . for now. But the way Brooks gives Harrison adoring looks and the way he is already helping him do certain things (like unlocking pantry doors to let Harrison raid the pantry, bringing his water back to him when Harrison chucks it to the side, and opening magnet boxes for him so he can throw all the magnets on the floor) is very big brotherish.

We knew when Brooks was born that he was going to have big shoes to fill. He…

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